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Selection of auditor for European project

– Call for the selection of an auditor to examine the funds of the Germ of Life project.
The bases of the program establish that an auditor must be selected for the Germ of Life project with a duration of 33 months (01/01/2024 – 09/30/2026) and that the budget to be verified is 389,000.00
The selection will be carried out respecting the principles of transparency, publicity and free competition.
Auditors who register must consider that:
   – Essential requirement to be registered in the ROAC.
   – Offers will be accepted until 30th April, 2024.
   – The process will be resolved in 5 business days.

Contact: (655677966).

Global management of international projects

Wide global expertise in international innovation Calls: H2020, Interreg, Eurostar, ERC…

IoT platforms

Integration of devices and sensors through IoT platforms, (e.g., recognising activity, falls, environmental conditions, vital signs, etc.).

Spreading, communication and exploitation

We have people with extensive experience in this area of great value for any project.

Web Application

From Ubitel we design Web applications to collect data related to behavior, employment, skills and training of people of interest.

Data interoperability powered by semantics

The deployment of open and interoperable ecosystems facilitates the location and collection of data from heterogeneous sources using semantic engines and ontologies

Legal Scope

Our legal experts can be integrated into projects in various fields, analysing the legal implications in all project-related areas.

Big Data and AI

Artificial Intelligence (deep learning, data mining…) in the diverse domain for governance and knowledge generation from heterogeneous data sources.

Human-centred technology design

Our team of engineers design technological solutions in our areas of reference, placing the human being at the centre of these solutions.

Our Team

Ubitel has a large team of professionals, experts in high-value and complementary areas. Among the various competencies, we can highlight the comprehensive management of projects, from their creation, management and closure; we cover technological areas, such as IoT technologies, AI, Big data, etc.; we have a humanistic team, experts in techniques such as co-design and co-creation and in the design of user-centred systems; we also cover legal areas and all their implications in any project; finally, with the help of our experts, we can add value in the area of dissemination, communication and exploitation.

Juan Charneco Fernández

Founder & CEO

Juan Luis Pavón Herrera

Comunications Expert and Headhunter

Miguel Ángel Estudillo Valderrama

Project Director

Jorge Calvillo Arvizu

Researcher and e-health expert

José Manuel Rincón Plaza

Entrepreneur and energy expert

Antonio López Peláez

University Professor and social science expert

Our Projects

All our projects have been highly innovative for us and our partners and clients.


Eurostars project successfully managed by Ubitel, collaborating on its complete value chain. The project pursues the improvement of daily life and personalized attention to European fragile patients. Entities of reference of Andalusia join in a project of clear international purpose.
Ubitel has participated intensively in the technical definition of the architecture of the platform with a design fully adapted to the real needs of patients. Consequently, the resulting product shows a clear commercial vision, ready to be introduced in any European country.


Co-founder & CEO

Development cooperation project in the Mediterranean involving European and Middle Eastern countries. Interesting cooperation project that pursues a certification model valid for the entire Mediterranean arc. This project combines several of Ubitel’s areas of specialisation, both the socio-health and the humanities, in such a way that our team of experts has designed a solution that is highly valued in Europe. It is worth mentioning that we work with people from countries with different cultures and traditions from all over the Mediterranean, which has allowed Ubitel to expand its range of collaborators beyond European countries


Co-founder & CMO

International project in the field of Health with the clear participation of entities from the community of Andalusia such as the Virgen del Rocío Hospital. Ubitel participates in the creation of the project and in the subsequent pilot phase. In the HEARTEN project, an ICT cooperative environment is designed, developed and validated that allows patients with heart failure (CHF) to achieve sustainable behavioural change with respect to adherence and compliance, and ecosystem actors who must commit to and improve the management of patients’ heart failure. HEARTEN addresses all stakeholders involved in the treatment of CI patients, including health professionals, caregivers (formal/informal), nutritionists from health care providers, fitness experts and health insurance experts, etc


Develops a set of technological tools to predict the impact on health of the surrounding environmental conditions, predicting the reduction in quality of life due to the incidence of non-communicable diseases (dementia, COPD, cerebrovascular and chronic ischemic heart diseases). With a method with federated architecture that uses data on environmental, socioeconomic, geographic and clinical characteristics, obtained from large surveys on the population and its individual conditions. The generated models are trained and validated in three areas with different exposure to pollution caused by steel plants: Taranto (Italy), Rybnik (Poland) and Flanders (Belgium).


Germ of Life, co-financed by the Interreg Euro-MED Programme, develops an innovative system of digital technologies to improve preventive management of drought risks. With 10 entities from 6 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, France and Spain) in order to create a digital technological platform with monitoring indicators and concerted data. For the balance of ecosystems in the Euro-Mediterranean area. These are the three dimensions that it faces: 1) The severity and probability of a drought situation occurring. 2) The exposed territories, ecosystems and population. 3) Vulnerability and the ability to adopt solutions with technologies and natural means.

Our Portfolio

We have extensive experience in collaborating with all kinds of institutions and companies.


“The collaboration with Ubitel professionals has allowed my department to work on technological cutting-edge projects in international environments. I want to highlight the quality of the technological designs provided by Ubitel and the ability to work and interact with professionals of various complementary profiles”

Manuel Giménez
Director de I+D

“During several years working together, I have been able to check in real working environment that the participation of Ubitel’s engineers in technical and management areas allow the projects to a real controlled execution with a well-designed final products real connected with the need of end users”

Dr. Christophoros Christophorou
Gestor de proyectos

“I have been collaborating with Ubitel’s team of professionals in a really competitive and interesting project focused on frail, older adults. I would like to highlight that Ubitel has allowed a complete working environment, combining technical experience and global management skills, while fostering a professional and pleasant working atmosphere.”

Lex Van Vensel

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